Under the Wing: Mentoring
How to begin a mentoring ministry and maintain an ongoing program in your church or organization.

Woman to Woman: Mentoring for Women
How to begin a life of personal mentoring: take another under your wing and nudge her along the path to godly, ethical living.

Seeking Wisdom: How to find a Mentor
How to decide the character traits needed for your spiritual walk and how to find someone to encourage you along the way.

Friend to Friend: Bible study, Two-by-Two
How to begin two-by-two Bible studies in your church or in your home, with a woman who is spiritually younger than you (adult or teen); how to come alongside and share faith stories.

Friendships of Faith: Bible Study, Two-by-Two
How to grow more mature in faith through a two-by-two Bible study. This can be used for individual women or mentors and their mereas (mentees).

Friendships of Purpose: Bible Study, Two-by-Two
God is sure your life has purpose. Are you sure? How to align your will with God's will, finding the perfect purpose for your life.

Help! I don't do Alligators!
Hear the hilarious stories of "things we don't do," including inspiring words to get us past the "alligators of life!"

Throw the First Two Away: Keep the Rest!
A funny look at parenting using the Pancake Rule. How to bring up godly children; hints on having quiet time with them (and God) in the midst of a ungodly day!

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