Don't wait until you're perfect to mentor. By then all your teeth will have fallen out and no one will understand you.
Women to Women: Preparing Yourself to Mentor, page 6.

If you stand in the middle of darkness--war in your neighborhood, fighting in your denomination, or friction in your family—the Light of the World calls you His Daughter to shine as a star, a light in your world.
Friend to Friend: Enriching Friendships through a Shared Study of Philippians, page 71.

A word to remember: Merea, "Mah-RAY-ah," (Hebrew, feminine form, used in the Old Testament about the time of Ruth and Naomi) meaning: "dear, young friend," a huggable word for the one being mentored.
Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor, pp. v-vi

How can Christ's blood cleanse you? Its seems unlikely in human terms but think of this: Ash from fire in an Old Testament sacrifice (or vinegar on hyssop given to Jesus) is an acid. Add the Old Testament tallow (oil in Jesus' blood and flesh) and they combine to form the ingredients for soap, which cleanses when mixed with water. My grandmother used lye (acid) plus the oil/animal fat to make soap. Wow! Even today we are symbolically washed clean with that formula: the blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin!
Friendships of Faith... Hebrews, page 114

"Undering" is the art of coming under the authority of Jesus: remaining under his wing (Ps. 91:4) of protection and guidance. Start undering today!
Friend to Friend... Phillipians, page 8-9


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